A Zombie-Fighting Military

Dear President Obama –

I have officially beaten the game Plants vs. Zombies.  I now feel qualified to train and command a fleet of plants in an attack against zombies, which Hollywood tells me inevitably is coming.  After reviewing your military ranks, I see that you are lacking in a zombie-fighting division.  If you would like assistance in creating such a division, as I have mentioned, I am uniquely qualified.  If you already have a zombie-fighting division but it’s top secret so that the general public doesn’t freak out- well then all I have to say is kudos to you for being prepared.  You must have been a boy scout or had a really good mom.  Or both.

Have an American Day.

Tosha (Blog Writer & Zombie Killer)


6 thoughts on “A Zombie-Fighting Military

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    • I love the multiple layers of humor in this game. My husband is such a fan, they could probably toss their advertising budget and survive on his word of mouth alone.

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