Four Fantastic Days & Five Purple Prize Packages

Prizes that can be won during this Four Day Give-AwayMonday, March 26th is fast approaching! This is International Purple Day. Individuals in over twelve countries this year will be wearing purple to show their support for those with Epilepsy and seizure disorders ( As many people with these conditions are primarily exposed to the world via the internet, I’m proposing that we paint the internet purple too! As I mentioned in my last post, Paint the World Purple, and on the Bottled Time Facebook page, I will be “painting” this blog purple as part of this cause.

There are four days left to Purple Day counting today and Monday. Each day I will be changing/adding one thing to this blog to “paint” it purple. Stop on by and see if you can figure out what it is. The change will be to the site itself, not to this post. If you think you know what it is, EMAIL your answer, along with your name, to Use “Prize Day X Entry” as your subject line. Each correct answer I receive will be placed in a hat to win the Pawesome Sauce Prize for that day. (Little known fact, pawesome sauce is something purple that happens to be so amazing it can be called awesome sauce. It is not a condiment made for or of possums. I think that’s called ketchup).

“But Tosha, the title of this post says that there are five prizes. Where’s the fifth prize?” Ah, you are an astute one my fine Bottled Time friend. You will do well in this contest, I can tell. On the fourth day I will take the names of every person who submitted an entry for each of the four days and place them in a hat. I will also put an entry in for each purple picture that is submitted to the Purple Gallery of Support before the end of Purple Day, March 26th.  The amount of entries that you can have is unlimited!  Then, I’ll put the entries in a hat, mix them up, and it’ll be good!  Whatever name is drawn out will win the fifth prize package.

Each prize package will also be shipped with a handy dandy seizure first-aid chart. Post it somewhere public or just read it over for your own edification.

Now it’s time to unveil the Pawesome Sauce Prize Packages! You might want to sit down for this. It’s bound to knock your socks off and I don’t want you to get hurt.

Prize Day One: Purple Notes of Passion

Prize Day One Package: Notes of Passion

This package includes a handy-magnetic memo pad. The pad features perforated purple pages with flowers making list writing easy. There is a yellow bow at the top of the pad to add a little sunshine to your thoughts. Of course, you will need something with which to write your lists and thoughts. A luxurious purple Paper Mate InkJoy pen is included. Its smooth style will have the words gliding from your head onto the paper before you even realize you thought them. Perhaps this set would then be better suited for writing notes of love and encouragement rather than grocery lists. If that’s your preference, we’ve got you covered there too. A purple ink pad is included, along with a flower and heart-bloom stamp, so that you can embellish your phrases with purple-joy to brighten the day of those you love.

Prize Day Two: Hair I Am and I’m Fabulous!

Prize Day Two: Hair I Am and I'm Fabulous

This fabulously adorable package contains, you guessed it, several items to take cute hair and make it even cuter. There is a stretchy headband, a polk-a-dotted bow on a squeezy clip, and a Goody StayPut clip, all purple of course. Just add dimples. And, as if that delectable assortment wasn’t enough, there is a punchy purple band that reads “Fabulous,” to remind you and your dimples of your intrinsic grandness. When not adorning the wrist, these type of bands are also great to loop around a shampoo bottle so that you can tell it from the conditioner even before you’ve had your morning coffee. Or hook it on your suitcase so that you, and the world, can distinguish your black case with wheels from the other 9 million black cases with wheels in the terminal.

*Bottled Time is not responsible for fulfilling dreams of ponies that may occur while using these products.

Prize Day Three: Practically Purple

Prize Package Three: Practically Purple

And what would a Practically Purple prize package contain except practical and purple items? And boy, do we have some good ones here. First up is a purple Removable Label Pad. Have you used these? I love them! These particular ones are 2″ x 4″. They stick to pretty much any surface (paper, food containers, the wall, your spouse’s head). When you’re done with them, they peel right off. No residue left behind. My favorite use is to label the food that goes in the fridge or freezer. You can write what it is and the date. After you eat it, or toss it after realizing the date was years ago (oops!), the label peels right off and your container is ready for the next round (after washing of course). A Bic Plumtastic Purple (I’m not even making that up – that’s the name it came with! See? Pawesome sauce!) fine-tip permanent marker is included for all your labeling needs. There is also a little purple box whose lid snaps on (and off) easily with the gray handles. As it says on the side, this is a, “Really Useful Box.” Most of the ones in my house currently have dog and cat treats in them, but it can serve pretty much any small storage need you might have. Kids also love them as they can easily work the handles. Great for fine-motor skill development! Now, what else could we possibly add to this amazing prize package? How about a purple button magnet that reads, “be invincible.” Because if you can’t have an invincible body, it’s practical to remind your brain to batten down the hatches!

Prize Day Four: Peculiarly Purple

Prize Package Day Four: Peculiarly Purple

I think it goes with out saying (but you can bet I’m going to say it anyway!), if you have a streak of the peculiar in you, you are going to think this package is pawesome sauce! I don’t think this prize needs any flare beyond listing the items, so here goes: 1) A light-up rainbow tentacle ball. 2) A pencil with overly cutesy spring animals topped off with an oversized (and curtsey) purple lady bug eraser. 3) A “tin” wallet with a 60’s vibe print in clashing patterns. There is a center zippered section and two side sections. A purple border zips the entire wallet closed with 2 pulls for your security pleasure. And the coup de grace (I’ve always liked that that phrase ends in “grace” even though it’s not pronounced that way)…dun, dun, dun, dun!… 4) A zombie bookmark that reads (ha! a bookmark that “reads!”), “Zombies are crap at knitting.” Was there added flare in that listing? I guess there was. I can’t help it, I LOVE this package!

And the Bonus Fifth Prize Package: Primped and Purple and Ready to Party!

(Remember, each person who submits an entry on each of the four days will be automatically entered to win the fifth prize package. Entries do not have to be correct, you just have to try!  Each photo that is submitted to the Purple Gallery of Support before the end of Purple Day, March 26th, will also get an entry placed in the hat.  There is no limit to the amount of entries that you can have for this pawesome sauce prize package!)

Fifth Prize

This package is ready to send you out and about in a big way. Let’s start small but vitally important. Tissues! We all know tissues have a zillion uses. And if you’re one of my readers with a “bathroom” disease, then you know having some tissue on hand can be a life-safer. Even if there’s some toilet paper available, if you’re needing some extra softness that typical public restrooms do not supply, tissues can become your best friend. Moving right along. Purple nail polish! Having a down day? Check out your rockin’ nails. Oh yeah, the little things do make a difference. Speaking of little things, this next one is little but packs a HUGE punch. A sample size of Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. Va va voom! (The mascara is black, just the tube is purple).  Sometimes you need to pamper yourself with the upscale. A smile can be worth the few extra bucks. And if you need another smile or a place to store those extra bucks, check out this sock coin purse. Also great for stashing some lip gloss and needed meds without being too obvious. It has a key ring attached so you take only the essentials in and leave the rest in the car. Woo! Save some spoons! And last but not least, in case you have tossed all of this in your purse, a Mighty Brite micro clip light will come to your aid. Styled like a shuffle iPod and able to clip to an easily accessible location, you’re not going to know how you lived without this. And the light? Mighty bright! Plus it swivels. Pawesome sauce!

That’s all five prize packages! Good luck! Remember to submit your entries via email: Feel free to like this post (love it, share it!), and add comments of a nature besides the answers to what’s been purple-fied on this blog each day, but, please don’t post the answers to the day in the comments section. Let others experience the fun of finding the changes for themselves.

I will put a quick post on the home page and a status update on the Bottled Time Facebook Page as soon as the new purple change for the day has been made. Changes should be made by 8am. I plan to purplefy the blog while I purplefy my body with my grape-flavored Keppra medicine (for seizures). Just seems appropriate.  I will also add a comment to the home page posts and a status update on Facebook as to the answer to the previous day’s challenge.  That way you’ll have a better idea of what the changes are on the upcoming days.

Again, good luck! May the purple odds be ever in your favor!


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