Tipping Our Top Hats to Purple Day 2012

Purple Day Logo 2012 with purple top hat & sparkly purple bow tie.

Official Purple Day Logo: PurpleDay.org
Accessories by Tosha

It is time we tip our top hats and wrap nice sparkly bows around Purple Day 2012 before we move on to our next chronic illness adventure.  Purple Day was March 26, 2012.  As it is April 23, 2012, I’d say this chronic illness blog train is chugging right along.  If you think this post is tragically late, I’d like to redirect your attention to Chronically Rediscovered Chapter Two, which explains why this post is right on time and why my new motto is, “Spoonies can do it, it just takes us a bit longer.”  (Something I’m reminding myself of daily).

Bottled Time Chronic Illness Terms. Spoonie - person with chronic illness, pain, or disability (esp. invisible); Dish - A Spoonie's spouse or partner; Normie - The average person not affected by chronic illness. "Spoonie" is from The Spoon Theory ButYouDontLookSick.com

Anyway, as “The World” has been banging on our door and flooding our in-boxes with letters begging to know how the Sislers celebrated Purple Day, I am happy to announce to The World that I am about to give you just what you want (except for that solving hunger, ushering in world peace, and avoiding natural disasters thing – Bottled Time Management is still hard at work on those).

How the Sislers Celebrated Purple Day 2012:

Princess Peepers Book Cover

Princess Peepers by Pam Calvert.

Purple get-up was a must as that is the main focus of Purple Day.  Once my achy breaky body got itself together enough (mornings are always a bit rough), I donned my first purple outfit of the day.  First you say?  Oh yes, first.  I’d love to write here that I was so over-the-top purple crazy that I had multiple outfits for the different times of the day, like one of those lavish weddings where the gal changes her dress umpteen times.  However, my story is much less glamorous.  You see, our backyard turns into a scene from Swamp Creatures from the Deep whenever it rains.  And rain it had.  March was in full lion mode (adding to the majestic flare of Purple Day).  I had already taken my pup out a few times in my pajamas and was feeling a bit guilty that they were pink and not purple (even though our back yard is pretty secluded and the chances of anyone seeing me were pretty slim).  Still, it was Purple Day!  And if some creepy peeper happened to be spying on The First Lady and I, I darn well wanted to be showing my Purple Support.  That peeper might have epilepsy and needed to feel loved.  Perhaps his feelings of loneliness and isolation were why he became a creepy peeper in the first place!  And with my bold purple tee-shirt, I was ready to remind Mr. Peeper that he was not alone.

Schweenie Eleanor Roosevelt and wellies

Eleanor Roosevelt and my wellies (they look awesome with my pj’s!).

Eleanor Roosevelt had other plans for my purple tee however.  Remember that swamp land I mentioned?  In-between dodging alligators, my Schweenie decided to decorate my shirt (and anything else she could reach with her mud-slinging mitts) with a treasure trove of paw prints.  As cute as I think her hoof-prints are, they were not what I had in mind for my grand purple outfit.  So, before my Dish got home, I swapped myself into Purple Outfit #2.

When Mike arrived from work, he quickly changed from his green flight-suit to his purple shirt (acquired just a few days earlier for this auspicious occasion).  I tried to convince Petty Officer Sisler that he should dye his flight-suit purple for the day, but he said something about the military and uniform regulations.  I don’t know.  I’ve never heard of anything like that before.  I think he might have been making it up.  Whether he was or wasn’t, at least he happily jumped into his purple gear as soon as he was home.  He also helped me dress Detroit (our cat) and Eleanor Roosevelt (our Schweenie pup) in their official Purple Day shirts that I had ordered.  Just a few more touches and we were ready for Purple Activity Number One (not to be confused with Activia which helps with bathroom activity number two).  A top hat for Mike, collars with purple sparkly bows that I had made for the girls,  some purple face paint for moi (known as make-up to the lay person), a Cameo necklace with a hued background to decorate that thing that holds up my head, and some purple streaks in Eleanor’s and my hair.  We were jamming!  And ready for…

The Great Purple Photo Shoot!

Schweenie Eleanor Roosevelt in her purple day shirt with a purple patch in her hair.

Official Purple Day shirt? Check! Sparkly purple bow? Check! Purple hair? Check! Eleanor Roosevelt is ready for her close-up!

Purple Day Family Photo with Tosha jumping into frame.

The first attempt at a family photo before I figured out the timer on the camera. Don’t Eleanor and I look graceful jumping into the frame? A first lady should always be graceful.

Mike with Detroit and Eleanor. All dressed in their purple outfits.

Left to right: Kitty Detroit, Dish Michael, & Schweenie Eleanor Roosevelt.

Picture of Detroit in her Catty Stackers with her official Purple Day shirt and purple bow.

Detroit relaxing in her dressing room between shots.

Tosha laughing during Purple Day photo shoot 2012

Tosha going Purple Crazy

Eleanor looking up at Mike in her Purple Day shirt

Eleanor Roosevelt wondering how much longer this photo shoot is going to take.

Tosha with her cat and dog. All dressed for Purple Day.

Front to back: Kitty Detroit, Ladybug Pillow Daisy, Schweenie Eleanor Roosevelt, and Blogger Tosha Sisler.

The Sisler Family seated in front of the fire place for Purple Day 2012

Finally, a Purple Day Sisler Family Shot worthy of a frame!

The Purple Prance:

The Great Purple Photo Shoot was followed by a Purple Jaunt through our neighborhood.  Oh yeah, I was really working my spoons to show my purple love!  I did toss on a jacket however (not purple) as Señor Lion had decided the day would be a little brisk.  And I took off Eleanor Roosevelt’s shirt so that it wouldn’t get muddy.  My Dish thought I did these things so he’d look like a crazy purple hombre, but they were practical measures.  Really.

Purple flowers from neighbor's yard seen on Purple Day Walk 2012

Flowers seen on our Purple Day Prance. I think the neighbors planted them just for us!

Monsieur Lion might have flooded our back yard, but he did make the neighborhood flowers gorgeous.  After passing several amazing purple displays, it finally occurred to us to take a picture.  Eleanor was not interested in this photo shoot unless we let her eat the flowers, which we didn’t think would give Purple Day the positive image we were looking for, so no good shots of her with the petals.

Purple Prizes, Purple Prizes, Purple Prizes!

Purple Activity Number Three actually occupied much more than one day.  If you’ve glanced at the blog or viewed the Facebook page, you already know what this exciting piece of purple history is.  I am, or course, referring to the Purple Prize Packages!  Over four days, the Bottled Time Blog was painted purple and people had the chance to win five amazing packages if they could spot the changes.

Purple Paint:

Bottled Time Logo tinted purple with "Purple Day for Epilepsy - March 26th!" written across it.Congratulations to Stephanie!  On the first day she spotted this Bottled Time Logo tinted purple, scoring herself the Purple Notes of Passion Prize Package!

On day two of the contest, Anne’s keen eye noticed the cover image was purple and nabbed herself the Hair I Am and I’m Fabulous Prize Package!
Bottled Time bottles with flowers tinted purple

Purple Chevrons courtesy of sageandberries.com Friday Freebie Prize day three found Cary discovering purple chevrons on the background of the Bottled Time site.  Cary will now be finding The Practically Purple Prize Package bottled and on his doorstep.  Aren’t these chevrons stylin’? Thanks to Sage and Berries Friday Freebie I was able to share them with you!

Mother and her son (who has epilepsy) In a purple pool for Purple Day for Epilepsy and Seizures.Our final prize day had what I consider to be the best purple painting.  The Purple Support Gallery was launched! This is a gallery of purple pictures submitted by readers and myself (although I suppose I could be lumped in with “readers” since I do read what I write!) to show those with epilepsy and seizures that they are not alone.  The gallery extends the Purple Day support to year-round and more submissions are welcome at anytime.

Annie showed her love of the Purple Gallery and now the Peculiarly Purple Prize Package will be loving her.  Rachel also submitted a picture to the Purple Gallery which won her the Bonus Fifth Prize Package Primped and Purple and Ready to Party!

Congratulations again to all the Purple Day Prize Package winners!  And thank you to all who participated.  Together we are raising awareness for epilepsy and helping to diminish the loneliness felt by those with seizures. I hope you enjoyed the contest as much as I enjoyed hosting it.

Purple prizes for Purple Day 2012

All purple prizes were lovingly grown in the Bottled Time vineyard.

Purple prizes in strainer in sink

Prizes were carefully handpicked and gently washed before bottling.

Prizes bottled and ready to be mailed.

Prizes were then expertly bottled and aged for maximum enjoyment. Here they are just before dropping them off at the post office. The paper you see is the Official Bottled Time mailing label. (Oh yeah, we’re legit!) Bottles were mailed exactly like this (postage is put above the mailing labels). How Pawesome Sauce is that?

*Want to know the meaning of Pawesome Sauce?  Who wouldn’t? Click on that handy link.

And what was the rest of the world doing for Purple Day?  Here are a few of my favorites:

Elvis the dog who won the Purple Day Photo Contest in Ontario

Image and article found at http://seizurebraininjurycentre.com/

Timmins, Ontario had a Purple Pet Contest!  Check out the studly winner, Elvis.

Purple Day Photo Shoot with Karena Dixon Photography telling Abbie's story

Photo by Karena Dixon. Abbie’s story and more amazing photographs can be found at http://www.KarenaDixon.com.

Karena Dixon Photography had a photo shoot with Abbie, a young girl in Dixon’s daughter’s class with epilepsy.  Dixon’s goal was to help share Abbie’s story and raise awareness for epilepsy and Purple Day.  These photos are stunning!  I dream of being able to take photographs like this.  Have a look and read Abbie’s story in her own words.

Photo of the Purple Day Bike Rally in Galveston, Texas.  From Examiner.com.

Photo Gallery and article found on Examiner.com

Galveston Island, Texas had a Purple Day Bike Rally.  Combining bicycles and support.  Two of my great loves! *Sigh*

Purple Balloon Launch in Utah for Purple Day 2012

Photo and Epilepsy Utah Purple Day Summary found at epilepsyutah.blogspot.com

The Epilepsy Association of Utah (which looks like an amazing organization!) had a Purple Balloon Launch followed by a rock concert by Caroline’s Spine.

Kung Fu Kids Flash Mob for Purple Day 2012

Photo and small summary found at http://africankungfukids.com/flashmob.htm

On March 25th, in Vancouver, African Kung Fu Kids hosted a Flash mob for Purple Day, epilepsy, and seizures.  I love Flash Mobs!  I’m hoping some day to see one live.  Or better yet to be in one!  This particular one was organized by Alison Richards.  check out her blog The Big Picture, The Fine Print.

Photo that accompanied my e-card.

This was the photo that accompanied my e-card.

One of my favorite Purple Day celebrations actually occurred a few days after Purple Day.  I received an e-card from my dear friend Deanna reminding me that she cared very much for me and notifying me that she had donated to the Epilepsy Foundation in my honor.  As I stressed in Paint the World Purple, Purple Day isn’t really about the money, it’s about making those with epilepsy and seizures know that they are not alone, but obviously money is needed to advance treatment options.  And I must say, receiving that e-card, entirely unexpectedly, made me feel very loved and cared for.  Thank you Deanna!  I hope you, and the other Bottled Time readers, also feel loved!

*I have scoured the internet and have not been able to find any videos of the above events.  If you have any, I would really, really love to see them.  Please share a link in the comments or email them to BottledTimeBlog@gmail.com.

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What have been your favorite Awareness Celebrations (for Purple Day or another cause)?  Are there any unusual or unique activities that have stood out to you?  Share your stories in the comments section below or on the Bottled Time Facebook Page.


7 thoughts on “Tipping Our Top Hats to Purple Day 2012

  1. I think it’s so sweet that you considered the feelings of neighborhood creeper peepers, and acknowledged that they need support and love too! This post was very witty and funny, and the creeper part actually reminded me of the style of writing on Hyperbole and A Half, a great blog about almost nothing but it’s still entertaining!

    I simply MUST know, how did you do the purple streaks? I’m guessing since little miss First Lady was sporting some, it’s not permanent? I’ve tried hair streak kits from Hot Topic but it didn’t look very good and your purple looks GREAT! So I must know! Tell me your secrets!

    • First of all, I know you like the link I shared on your site recently, but that Hyperbole site? Oh my good and plenty! Love it! And the current featured post isn’t about nothing. When you can have me nodding my head AND laughing about depression? Great link. Thank you.

      The purple streaks were simply…wait for it…washable-non-toxic-scented maker (which is why I felt safe putting them in Little Miss First Lady’s hair. It pays to have a mom who was a kindergarten teacher. And yes it works in brown hair too! My friends and I used to add some glam to our hair during Field Days (do all schools have those?). I don’t think the scented part is necessary, but it does make it more fun…and scented! In the past I always used the official Mr. Scent markers – they actually work better than the brand I picked this time out of convenience.

      • P.S. When I was in high school, girls also used to use kool aid to dye their hair. Now, I’ve never done much besides draw on my hair, so I don’t know if you can direct this into streaks, but it did make for some very bold pops of color.

      • Yesss glad to find another hyperbole and a half fan!

        I have never tried the markers on my hair since it’s so dark, but if you say so I’ll have to try it! And scented is always better in the world of markers, no matter what you use them for. Now I’ll have to think of an occasion to color my hair…too bad I’m too old for field days! (aka best days ever)

      • One of my field day friends had your complexion. It obviously isn’t quite as drastic as on lighter hair, but you could definitely see the color! Oh, btw-tomorrow’s Wednesday – seems like a pretty good reason ;-). If you’d like a “better” one, May 18th is Purple Day for Lupus!

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