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Have a general thought or comment about this blog site?

Here’s what to do in 6 easy steps:
1) Get some parchment – I recommend making your own from recycled materials.  Save the planet!  Click here for directions.
2) Procure a writing utensil.  I suggest a quill pen – much more dramatic.  Once again – here’s a handy link to making your own.  And the chick in the video has an English accent so you know she’s knowledgable.  Cheerio!
3) Use your procured writing utensil to write your message on the parchment you obtained in step one.
4) Find a bottle.  I suggest a Snapple bottle because then you get to drink some of the “best stuff on earth” and get to increase your smartness with the fun-fact under the cap.
5) Insert your hand-written message into the bottle and replace the cap – TIGHTLY! (Because no matter how witty you are – if your message is all soggy, when I try to read it, I’ll sound like Navin (from The Jerk) reading Marie’s note in the bathtub – we don’t want your thoughtful musings to be lost!).
6) Toss the bottle into some water.  I live near the beach and will keep my eye out for your message!  If you don’t live near water you can flush your bottle down the toilet.  Finding Nemo taught me that all pipes lead to the ocean.

What?  That’s too much work?  And where will you wind up if you’re always looking for a shortcut?  Probably where you want to go just ahead of the other bloke.  So – here ya go!  Post your message below! Don’t have a message but just want to sign your name to let others know that you exist – well go right ahead!  Three out of four doctors agree it’s much better than writing “I was here” on a bathroom wall.


31 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. Hey Tosh, just cruised through your blog. Looking good, I too wish I was still back in the twenties but turn the big 3 5 this year. See you soon!

    • “Times they are a-changin’.” Where does that time go? I think there’s an evil elf running around collecting it. But, if you were still in your twenties, you, your beautiful wife, and son wouldn’t be headed this way for a visit. Looking forward to seeing you guys! The last picture I’ve seen of Patrick was from my wedding, playing in the banister with one shoe on. I think I’m going to be in for a shock. Thanks for checking my blog out! See you soon!

  2. Took me awhile to discover your Blog and what a wonderful discovery it is. Links in the chain: Charis G, Bottled Time on FB, a post from Bottled Time, a reply post from me, a reply from you, a Like on my To See & Hear page from Bottled Time, a reply from me, a reply from Tosha, then my viewing Tosha’s FB page, then my posting on BT’s FB page, then my discovery of a link to this blog . . . wow, that was exhausting. But well worth the effort: Tosha, you are a living inspiration and artist. This is a beautifully written and designed site. I’ve subscribed and look forward to exploring all that’s here. Thank you for being. Time to say: I was here, and happily so.


    • Wow Cary! That’s a long chain! I’m glad it eventually got you here. Thanks for the wonderful comments! It’s really great to know my efforts are appreciated. For any other Bottled Time Travelers who happen to be reading this comment, I thought I’d post the links to your To See & Hear page: which is a very enjoyable music and arts page and Charis’s Full Frontal Ostomy blog: She’s really inspiring! Thanks again for writing your name on the wall! Hope you enjoy what I bottle up for your sipping pleasure. I look forward to seeing you on the Facebook page.

  3. I just read a few of your posts and you crack me up! They are very well written, witty, and clever! Also, I joined Pinterest right when it came out (am now following you! Prepare to be stalked! Oh social networking… mwahaha!), I’m absolutely obsessed with it!!!!

    I also follow Charis over at Full Frontal Ostomy as well as Sarah at Inflamed and Untamed and Jackie over at Blood, Poop, and Tears. I don’t have an IBD but EDS and Mitochondrial Disease via Autonomic Dysfunction has given me poor gut motility and was looking at an ostomy for a while as a “treatment.” Unfortunately, because of the EDS and the high risk of skin degradation, poor wound healing, and however many things that can go wrong when one has a collagen deficiency. For now I’m stuck with laxatives and Biofeedback Retraining PT. Thanks for following my blog!

    • Thank you for your very kind words Kerrilynn! I’m glad that you enjoyed some of my posts. I too have been enjoying your Genetically Incorrect blog. I know our multiple chronic illnesses aren’t spelled the same -but a lot of what they do to us and our lives seem to line up! I’ve actually done Biofeedback Retraining and PT to try to help with my Interstitial Cystitis. Has it helped your GI difficulties at all?

      As you probably saw in my posts, I’m new to Pinterest, but I love it! I can’t wait to see what you’re pinning. It’s nice that we have these social platforms to connect! Stalk away. 🙂

    • Cary has had quite a journey and is still rollin’ through life with chronic pain and an ostomy. He has a great visual eye and a lot of experience to share about IBD, ostomies, and life in general. Definitely give his new site a view!

    • Reading your post, seriously made my day. But, you usually do. Whether it’s your spirit of activism, your open heart and connection, your honesty and support, or your funny vinylmation pictures. Thank you!

      • Hi, I grabbed the link to your blog from Rachel at “Do I look sick?” and decided to check you out. Too tired to read now but I will be back!

  4. You have put to words what I felt since my diagnosis. I have always loved Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle”. I realised that he spoke about my life in that song. It was one of the first songs my husband played for me on the piano in HS. He is now my winderful care-taker and love of my life. We are married for 37 years now. And if you add the 3 years since we met, We are a couple for 40 loving years! You speak for many of us. Thank you. Mary Kay

    • Thank you for your comment! And congratulations on 37 years of marriage and 40 years of love! Your husband plays the piano for you? That is so incredibly romantic.

      Time in a Bottle was Mike’s and my wedding song. At the time it was mostly for its romantic elements. However post-CI (chronic illness), I don’t think it’s possible to ever look at time the same way again. Sometimes I am probably too aware of it-to the point of causing stress. But life as a Spoonie is always a learning process. And it does help to have a really great Dish by your side.

  5. feeling free from the bag…I miss it and I am glad its over.It fought me to the end.
    One of the great things that got me thru it was humor.dont fight it make fun of it
    love Sean K

    • Sean, you and I tend to be humor-inclined individuals. I honestly couldn’t have survived this without laughing and I’m not sure how others do. Although, I have noticed that my humor has been warping since this whole process began. Rolling with the punches I suppose.

      I know what you mean about feeling relieved but also missing the bag. It becomes such a big part of our lives. And in many ways, it is freeing.

      Anne has texted me a couple pictures of your Halloween themed bag ideas. I LOVE them. I’m going to try and get her to email me a couple so that I can share them with the other Bottled Time Travelers.

      Keep laughing and thanks for stopping by!

  6. One of the biggest brave things I have done after discovering crohn’s, flew to Spain and rode a motorcycle all the way across the country in the Pyreneese mountains on the border of Spain and France. Hope you get to spend more time riding. 🙂

      • (standing up) Hello: My name is Philip, and I have crohn’s.

        Just wanted to do the proper introduction thing.
        I really enjoy your insightfullness and your great sense of humor. You have a few “issues” and you’re still full of wonderfullness spilling out of you. Amazing.
        I look forward to learning more from you. And if you are interested in seeing some pictures from Spain. I love to share and reminisce! I dream of another ride someday. Starting in Switzerland and going through Germany and Italy. I can see the BMW museum then Ducatti and then my favorite, Motto Guzzi. Hey while I’m there I might as well order me one huh? It’s good to have dreams…
        And I too have sky dived, pretty amazing ride there isn’t it.
        Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and could enjoy some good food without too much pain.

      • *In creepy chorus of replies* Hi Philip!

        So nice to “officially” meet you. I would love to see those pictures. My traveling has become increasingly limited, but I still like to look at the wonders that are our planet and dream. Some dreams I’ve had to let go-others I cling to with every aching part of my diseased body. Traveling falls into the latter category.

        When you’re not traipsing through Europe, where do you park your bike?

        I did have a nice Thanksgiving. There was turkey (actually-I much prefer the appetizers-but those were there too!) and family, so the two major prerequisites were met. How was your holiday?

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