Directions to the Next Vineyard (Blog Links!)

Blogs to Check Out

  • Blood, Poop, and Tears A blog dedicated to supporting the IBD, ostomy, and j-pouch communities “one butt joke at a time.” The author has UC and MS.
  • Disease On My Sleeve A community of young adults blogging and raising awareness about invisible illness
  • Do I Look Sick? Rachel is serving up great posts and starting a movement to raise awareness for invisible illness. Join her!
  • Full Frontal Ostomy Charis has a permanent ostomy and is dedicated to fitness. She offers great info and videos about eating, exercising, and living with an ostomy and/or bowel disease.
  • Genetically Incorrect Kerrilynn is “Living life with multiple chronic illness…and some other stuff.”
  • John Bradley’s Blog The author of the foul bowel offers up a candid and humorous blog about living with Crohn’s.
  • Laughing in Traffic The author, Kyle, is seeking contentment in life despite chronic illness challenges. The blog offers up a great writing and visual style.
  • My Life: in the Toilet An anonymous 20-something male with UC honestly discusses his disease
  • Objects in Mirror are Closer than They Appear “Life, Autoimmune Disease, and a Side of Snark” The author, Megan, has Lupus & RA
  • Sarah’s World In Sarah’s words, “I write about the best things in life, family, friends, and chocolate, and how they help me cope with one of life’s challenges, M.E.”
  • UII – Understanding Invisible IllnessPromotes awareness for chronic invisible illness and provides access to resources and support.

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